Business Management

Cadenzis advices organisations and fulfills interim management and program management roles. And has all-round expertise in telecom and ICT. Thereby providing management capabilities to improve the organisation, help with change and manage new solutions and concepts from inception to delivery

Building up teams, stakeholder management and business alignment are key elements in our journey
Agile as well as tried-and-tested methods are part of the toolbox. But foremost it are the people who make the difference

It’s all about people who are working with people for people
Albert Bakker

Change and improve

Organisations have a demand to improve on results, performance and efficiency. And are looking for solutions to realise their objectives. How can you deploy new solutions and technologies and how can you measure its effects?

Change and improvement go hand in hand. Consulting and management skills are instruments to analyse why and where change is needed, what the benefit is and how it can be done. Program and project management expertise are skills on how to effectively manage change and improvement and get where you want

Moreover, this requires an integral vision on market developments, society, innovation, how you run your business and use technology. And coaching people who work together in order to induce change within the organisation


Change is happening in all industries and markets. Disruptions happen in areas where it first was not expected and organisations realise that they need to organise themselves differently in order to support continuous change and improvement

Yes, change is happening everywhere - from continuous improvement of existing operating models to new start ups with total new business models
Cadenzis can help you and has built knowledge and expertise in the following markets:

  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Contact centers
  • Finance
  • Industry
  • Maritime
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Government
  • Engineering