Cadenzis was founded in 2001 by Albert Bakker. He began his career in telecommunications at KPN in 1991 — the early days of privatisation in the telecom market — and helped build up international telecommunications services. Later he was at the inception of e-Commerce at KPN Telecommerce

After various consulting, commercial and management assignments he left KPN and started his own company to help organisations with new solutions and change

Albert is active on the crossroads between business management and ICT. He is versatile and creative. On this website he combines his entrepreneurship, business skills and creativity and gives an inside view of himself as a guitarist and music producer. Albert is an associate partner at NTCS and an associate at Verdonck, Klooster and Associates

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Your privacy

Cadenzis is a consulting firm that provides interim management, consulting and program management. We respect your privacy and take care of your information and comply with the laws of the Netherlands and EU regulations. We take good measures to protect your data. We store the following information when you have requested information or when you have done business with us:
  • name,
  • address,
  • telephone and email,
  • expertise and CV

  • We use the above mentioned information to stay in contact with you for existing and future projects and for relation management. We may request your expertise for our clients. So we do not share your data with other parties, unless it is necessary for an agreement relating to a project, consulting or interim management assignment or to comply with regulations. We keep your data no longer than necessary in order to stay in contact with you.

    Cadenzis Media makes music and media productions and distributes its music via digital distribution to online music stores and streaming services worldwide. All composed music is registered at Buma/Stemra, including the name, participation and share of an entitled party. For music downloads and streaming the following information is registered:
  • number of downloads,
  • number of streams,
  • country of origin,
  • name of the online music store or streaming service

    In case you have a question about our privacy policy and how we maintain data, contact us at privacy@cadenzis.nl.